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About Us

A name in the marble industry

Bestone is built with the vision to take the Bestone beyond the Luxury at the same time providing solutions to the clients that are extremely cost-effective and high in quality. With years of experience in the Marble Industry, Bestone is one of the largest Italian and foreign Marble importer in India. We have different types of marbles available ranging from, Beige Marble, to Travertine Marble, to Colored Marble, to imported granites and imported Onyx Marble. Knowing the struggle the architects and interior designers have to go through to find the quality marble to turn their ideas into reality, Bestone is a supplier with a vision of serving all of their client’s unique needs and demands.


We believe that with the right supplies any ideas can be turned into reality, therefore, we strive to provide unlimited options to our clients so that their ideas of décor or buildings turn into a reality they imagine. Based on our experience and quality products we supply, we have secured some high-end clients in India, such as Adobe, aloft HCL, JMC projects, TATA housing and many more. Due to our widespread network of clients all over India, we understand the market requirements and consumers demands in terms of the marble they are looking for therefore we provide wide variety of imported natural marble stones in Delhi and other cities.


Our services are designed with the vision of building long-term relations with our clients, therefore, we never believe in compromising on quality in order to reduce the costs. Therefore, we provide our clients with alternate ideas and solutions that they can use to make their marble purchases more cost-effective. We understand at Bestone, that different ideas could require different kinds of marbles; we use state of art technology to customize marble thickness to cater to the unique ideas and requirements.